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Live Like a Local

Make an educated decision on WHERE you'd like to live.

Imagine this: you fly into the RDU airport, uber to the house you’ve rented, walk past the beautiful mercedes in the driveway (which you’ve rented also), walk in to your gorgeous furnished rental home and find the keys to your rented car on the counter. You are now a local, with tips on where to shop, eat, bank, etc. You spend a few weeks or months at this home to get to know the area by shopping at the grocery store, eating at certain restaurants, walking the neighborhood and enjoying the local parks, activities, and farmers market.

Then you’re ready to move to the next location which is only 30 minutes away (however you’re still within 30 minutes to downtown Raleigh, NC). This location is extremely different: it’s away from the hustle and bustle, located in a small town right outside of Raleigh filled with the nicest people you have ever met. You stay a few weeks or months and move to the next home or you call that nice realtor we recommended who’s been showing you all the local spots and let them know you’re ready to make an educated decision on WHERE you’d like to live.

We call this program the “Live Like a Local” program because we saw way too many people moving to Raleigh who really didn’t know the area. They picked a town based on a house, but in reality this town wasn’t the best vibe for them. We solved the problem of “ending up in the wrong spot” by launching this “Live Like a Local” program. We look forward to helping you find your Dream Home in your Dream Location!

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