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February 3, 2022

4 Screening Questions to Ask Your Tenants Before Signing the Lease

As a landlord, you want to rent out your place to the best possible candidate. Therefore, you might be thinking about what questions you should ask your tenant during the screening process. To choose the right tenant, it’s important to ask the questions that will help you determine if your applicant meets your expectations and will comply with your property leasing terms.

What Date Are You Considering Moving?

This question helps you establish whether the applicant is the right fit in terms of availability. Perhaps you have a place that needs to be filled immediately, but your potential applicant can’t move in right away. Maybe the applicant is looking for somewhere to live immediately, and you don’t have a place readily available.

Do You Have Pets?

Another important screening question that will help you pre-qualify applicants is if the prospective tenant has pets. If you allow pets, there are usually restrictions on the number and size of pets, so let the applicant know all the details. If there are any pet fees or deposits, be sure the applicant knows when they will be due and the amounts. 

 How Long Have You Lived in Your Current Home?

If the candidate moves from property to property and doesn’t stay very long in one place, it’s likely that they lack stability. Chances are high that they might leave your property prior to completing their lease, leaving you with a broken lease and the need to find a new tenant as soon as possible.

 Do You Smoke?

This is a crucial screening question because cigarette smoke can cause damage to property. The need to eradicate the odor once the tenant vacates the property can be costly. If there is a smoking policy, be sure to include details in your rental or lease agreement. Make the applicant aware of the costs of breaking the agreement.

 The Takeaway

Many landlords go by their “gut” feeling when interviewing rental applicants. But applicants may purposefully give misleading answers. However, we have a professional team to help you find the right tenant. Call us today at 919-622-7956 & 919-810-9800 

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