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About Carolina Furnished Rentals

What We Do

The real estate landscape in North Carolina can pose unique challenges. Aspiring residents often find themselves having to commit to purchasing homes sight unseen, making rushed decisions during fleeting visits, or binding themselves to lengthy lease agreements while they navigate the local housing market.

At Carolina Furnished Rentals, we offer an alternative solution. We provide thoughtfully furnished, fully equipped homes that serve as your temporary haven while you explore the area. Our approach allows you to spend weeks or even months immersing yourself in the local community, discovering the unique charm of each neighborhood at your own pace, and ultimately purchasing a home in an area that truly resonates with you.

Considering a move to North Carolina? We have a team of experienced real estate agents ready to guide you. They’ll provide you with insights about the area, introduce you to potential neighborhoods, and open the doors to your future home!

Just need a place temporarily for corporate housing, insurance housing, group moves, contract workers, traveling nurses, or in need of a relocation partner?  We can help with that too!

History of the Company

The seeds of Carolina Furnished Rentals were planted in May 2018, when a personal journey ignited a professional passion. When Amanda’s dad was diagnosed with cancer, we chose the route of natural healing, which led us to Mexico for alternative cancer treatment. As we planned to be away for over a month, we listed our home on Airbnb and were amazed at the response.

While in Mexico, we began expanding our Airbnb listings and, by the end of 2020, had grown our portfolio to 20 unique properties spanning across Wilmington, Sanford, Raleigh, Clayton, Holly Springs, Cary, Apex, Garner, Chapel Hill, and more.

However, it was an unprecedented global event, COVID-19, that turned our focus towards a specific need that emerged amidst the chaos. As cities went into lockdown, we received a call from a family living in a small New York City apartment. With two parents working from home, three children attending school online, and a restless dog, their apartment was bursting at the seams. They were looking for a spacious haven where they could comfortably quarantine together.

We offered them one of our 3-bedroom homes in North Carolina, complete with two living rooms, a sun porch, and a large outdoor area with a fenced yard. This home became their sanctuary, offering them room to breathe, work, study, and play. They fell in love with the slower pace and spacious living. After several months of “country” living, they decided to permanently relocate to North Carolina.

This experience served as a catalyst for the evolution of Carolina Furnished Rentals. We realized there were countless families and individuals who, like our guests from NYC, were contemplating a move to North Carolina but wanted to ‘test the waters’ before making a permanent commitment. So, we began tailoring our offerings to these relocation clients, providing comfortable, furnished homes where they could experience North Carolina living firsthand.

Today, our joy in this business comes from making our guests feel special and at home. We revel in surprising them with a nice bottle of wine after a long drive into town, or helping them find their dream home in the Carolinas.

Amanda, who owns AG Williams Realty by eXp Realty here in the Raleigh Area, has affiliated her brokerage with eXp Realty to work with agents across all 50 states. Her strong connections in the real estate industry, combined with our deep understanding of our guests’ needs, makes us a great resource for referrals, investment advice, and even guiding others on becoming successful Airbnb/short or mid-term rental hosts.

We’re not just in the business of providing temporary homes; we’re in the business of helping people start new chapters. We look forward to welcoming you to the area, and to what could be the first page of your next adventure.

Amanda Williams and Alex Cowham from Carolina Furnished Rentals

Meet the Team


Amanda Williams

Amanda, the heart and soul behind AG Williams Realty by EXP Realty, is an esteemed leader in the real estate industry. Her brokerage is a part of an expansive network, partnering with over 85,000 agents across the country, offering far-reaching expertise and opportunities.

Her journey in real estate began with investing. Having personally owned rental properties and flipped homes, Amanda possesses an in-depth understanding of the real estate market.

Fast forward to today, Amanda spearheads a dynamic team of agents who she mentors in her investment philosophies. Her passion for the real estate industry extends beyond transactions; she is dedicated to empowering other realtors to diversify their income streams. Amanda’s experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm make her a driving force in the industry and a valuable asset to anyone looking to navigate the world of real estate.


Alex Cowham

With 18 years in the gourmet food industry under his belt, Alex found his passion drawn towards a different path. He took the leap of faith to leave his former career and teamed up with Amanda in the dynamic world of real estate investing, a field he had been exploring on the side by flipping homes.

Alex’s experience with home renovations brought a new dimension to our business. His keen eye for potential and his hands-on experience in transforming houses into homes added an extra layer of expertise to our services.

His affinity for hospitality drives him to constantly seek out new properties, ensuring we continually expand and diversify our offerings for our cherished clients and guests. He’s not just finding houses; he’s curating homes that meet the unique needs of those relocating to North Carolina.

But his role extends beyond property acquisition. Alex thoroughly enjoys engaging directly with our clients. From assisting in selecting the perfect house to matching them with the most suitable realtor from our talented team, Alex is there every step of the way. His warm nature, dedication, and in-depth knowledge of home transformation are invaluable assets to our clients’ transition journeys.