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February 18, 2022

How To Make Moving Easier For Your Kids

Buying a new home is stressful enough for adults – and it’s no different for kids. Leaving behind a familiar place, moving to a new school and neighborhood, and having to make new friends can be pretty hard for little ones.

So you should try to make the process as stress-free for them as possible. Here are the top three things you can do to help make the move easier for them – and for you:

Kids are emotionally attached to their belongings. So even if you feel a particular worn-out item has no place in the new house, don’t make the decision to give it away on your own. Get your kids on board on why you feel they should give it away – and if they don’t agree even then, let them keep it. After all, a familiar item will bring them comfort in an entirely new place.

Explain the Situation to Them

Sometimes, it can be hard to explain to kids why they must leave their friends behind – and they might need emotional counseling. So talk to them well before the move about why you’re making such a big decision and how it will affect them so that there are no unexpected surprises later on that will distress them.

A New School is a New Beginning

Probably the toughest thing for kids is being separated from their friends. So tell them how a new school means more friends, not less. Leaving old friends behind doesn’t mean you can’t stay in touch or never visit.

Final Thoughts

Amanda Williams and our team of real estate experts can help you relocate without any hassle. Give us a call at 919-622-7956 or send a message at We’ll be happy to help you find a home and relocate!

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