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February 9, 2022

5 Tips for Stunning DIY Real Estate Photography

We all know that real estate photography is not an easy task. If your real estate property has attractive photos, it often increases marketability so it’s important to make sure the space looks its best. Here are several ways to stage your property for optimal appeal.

Schedule Appropriate Time for the Shoot

Many agents make mistakes in real estate photography in that they take pictures just a few minutes before showing them to the clients. You need to schedule adequate time for the shoot, to allow for natural lighting, weather, etc.

Declutter Your Area

While taking pictures, avoid having too many items in your space. It will make the area look small and congested. Avoid items that are too dramatic and take center stage in the photo. The real star is the property. Be sure everything has a flow and relates to the feeling you want the prospective buyer to have.

Furnish the House

Having some furniture in the house while taking pictures is essential. It will give a cozy home feeling to your clients. Try having minimal décor with classy furniture that makes your space look nice. Use complimentary decor colors and styles. Use warm lighting for an inviting effect.

Use a Tripod and Create A 3-D Virtual Tour

It will make your property look more attractive when you capture pictures in natural light with the help of a tripod. It will make pictures look more focused if there is a dark background. It’s more appealing if you provide a 3-D virtual tour to your clients. It provides an opportunity to show the prospective buyer your real estate interactively. 

 Focus on Each Minute Detail

Pay attention to the details while taking photos. Your property may look attractive, but the photo may show a trash bag in the corner of the room that should have been removed. Visually scan the area for items that need to be taken out of a location before taking pictures.

Let the Experts Guide You!

Take your real estate photography to the next level by keeping these important tips in mind. If you need any help getting your property picture-perfect, feel free to contact us at 919-810-9800.

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